Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: What do I need to provide to obtain a quotation?
A: All glass or mirror projects require dimensions of the item you wish to order to be provided. Should you need assistance obtaining measurements, Proto Glass can provide an on-site measurement service to you at an additional cost.

Please see below for a reference list of what information is required should you wish to obtain your own measurements:

  • For glass or mirror panels, please provide shape of glass (rectangular, square, round, oval, odd shape, etc.), length of panel, width of panel, and thickness of glass required.

  • For shower enclosures, please provide a drawing of your bathroom, a drawing of your enclosure configuration, dimensions of the glass required within the enclosure, and address of your location should delivery and/or installation services are required.

  • For kitchen backsplashes, please provide a drawing of your kitchen, dimensions of backsplash areas required, and address of your location should delivery and/or installation services are required.

  • For windows, please indicate whether the window contains single, double, or triple sheets of glass. For single panes, please see glass or mirror panels above for needed dimensions. In the cases where there are more than 2 sheets of class bound together, this would be an Insulated Unit. Please provide length, width, and overall thickness of the window unit.

  • For mirror walls, please provide a drawing of the space in which the mirror wall is required, overall wall width, overall wall height, and the dimensions in which the mirror is required to be.

Turnaround Time

Q2: What is your turnaround time like for glass or mirror work?
A: Our experienced technicians are efficient and are able to deliver quality services within short periods of time. Our normal turnaround times (during non-peak seasons and non-inclusive of weekends and statutory holidays) for some common projects are as follows. Please note that the times below may subject to change depending on our volumes of orders and scheduling availabilities.

  • Regular Glass fabrication: 1-2 Business Days
  • Tempered Glass: 2-3 Business Days
  • Shower Enclosures: 3-5 Business Days
  • Mirror Walls or Backsplashes: 3-5 Business Days

On-site Services

Q3: Do you provide on-site measurement services?
A: Yes, our experienced technicians provide on-site measurement services. A service fee may apply depending on your location and project for our technicians to be dispatched for your appointment.

Q4: Do you provide delivery services?
A: Yes, to provide convenience to our customers, we can deliver your order right to your door! A delivery service fee will apply, and will vary depending on the location.

Q5: Do you provide installation services?
A: Yes, We provide professional installation services for any glass or mirror order you place with Proto Glass. Our experienced technicians are highly skilled to assist you with a variety of installations.

Emergency Repair Services

Q6: My window just broke and I need immediate repairs, would Proto Glass be able to help?
A: Yes, we provide same day emergency repairs for residential and commercial customers. We are known for our speed and quality, so give us a call today!

Purchase Policy

Q7: Are there any refunds or exchanges allowed?
A: All purchases are FINAL. No exchanges or refunds are permitted.

Q8: What do I do if I would like to create a customized shape but I cannot bring in the actual item for you to get a template out of?
A: To create your customized glass or mirror item, please bring a cardboard or plywood template that is of the exact size and shape of the item you would like to order. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAPER TEMPLATES!

Q9: What are the tolerances of the glass and mirror items that I order?
A: We fabricate glass and mirror items according to the following tolerances:

  • 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm Glass: +/- 1/16"
  • 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm Glass: +/- 1/8
  • 3mm, 5mm, 6mm Mirror: +/- 1/16

Q10: What happens if I find damages on my glass or mirror items?
A: If there are any scratches, dents, markings, or other damages that are found on glass or mirror items that Proto Glass had fabricated while on-site, we will custom make another piece for you to ensure that it is defect-free. However, once you depart the premises of Proto Glass & Mirror, we are not responsible for any scratches, dents, markings, or other damages found on your purchase(s). Please inspect all purchased items prior your departure!

Q11: Can I bring my own personal possession to Proto Glass to obtain services (e.g., polishing, hole drilling, sandblasting, beveling, etc.) on it?
A: Yes, absolutely! We certainly can provide additional services for customer owned materials. While we strive to provide care for customer owned materials, there is a risk that scratches, dents, markings, or other damages may be incurred during processing and the duration in which your item(s) is/are on Proto Glass & Mirror property. Customers must assume all risks associated to customer owned materials prior to its requested service be performed.