Railing Systems

Complement your open concept home with the use of glass railing systems. Glass railings provide clear and unobstructed views that can beautify and modernize your home or business. Traditionally used for commercial applications, contemporary architecture is adopting the use of glass railing systems for modern homes.  Typical applications of glass railing systems are as follows:

Interior Applications

  • Staircases
  • Railings and balconies

Exterior Applications

  • Decks
  • Exterior balconies
  • Fencing

Types of Glass Railing

  • Glass Balusters: A vertical panel of glass that structurally supports a hand rail or guard rail
  • Glass Balustrade: A series of glass balusters that support a hand rail or guard rail
  • Guard Rails: A vertical barrier erected along the open edges of a floor opening, wall opening, ramp platform, runway or other elevated area to prevent persons from falling off the edge
  • Hand Rails: A narrow rail mounted parallel to a stair or landing that is used for grasping with the hand for support. This is also commonly called a grab rail.