The center of your home, second to your kitchen, is your dining area where family and friends will often gather to spend time. An exiquisite glass table often exudes beauty and elegance. Selecting the right table for your space will help you bring out the best of your space.

A concern for homeowners that having a glass table is more prone to breakage. Although accidents are preventable, they do happen and your glass may break. This is why all of our glass tables are made with tempered glass (a safety glass that was strengthened where when shattered, it breaks into small, pebble-like pieces, that reduces the risk of injuries.)

To assist with your glass table purchasing decisions, below are some popular glass table styles to choose from:

Rectangular Glass Tables
Rectangular glass tables often conveys classicism, grandiose and magnificence. It can be accentuated with table runners and centerpieces, while accommodating 6 to 10 guests. This style of table is often recommended for large living spaces.

Round Glass Tables
Round glass tables are amongst the most popular glass tables in the market today. Its style offers flexibility to fit into living spaces of any size, while its transparency is still able to open up the space. It can seat anywhere from 2 to 10 guests, depending on the size of table that is suitable for you.

Square Glass Tables
Square glass tables are most suited for modern living in smaller spaces (e.g., condos). It can help open up your space while allowing great decorating options.

Custom Designed Tables
If you want a one-of-a-kind table that is just perfect for your space, Proto Glass can help design your ideal table. You can choose between simple designs to delicately sandblasted artwork right on your glass tabletops and table legs.